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in: La Perouse NSW, Australia

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm bored and I've gone off the boil.

Going on holiday seems like such a good idea but eventually you have to come home and go back to work. Whilst I'm enjoying work at the moment there are always frustrations that get inside your head and cause trouble.

What I haven't done for a very long time is any writing. I have a short story and two longer pieces just sat around doing nothing and no inclination to get working on them. What I do about the apathy I don't quite yet know (and typically can't be bothered to think about). Restarting  the writing will help, getting some other things into line and getting off my arse and actually doing things will help.

It's probably also time I stopped drinking during the week, though going to industry events doesn't really lend itself to that. Lot's of critical projects coming up at work will also help me feel like I'm achieving something rather than waiting for things to happen.

This post is entirely for my own benefit and is to remind me that there are things happening and that I need to focus on that fact and just get myself together a bit.

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