Heavy Plant

Walk past a "Heavy Plant" warning and wonder vaguely if the trees thought it was for them; if whoever put it up had enough imag...


Candles and revelation together at last...

Dead eyed dawdlers, the place is full of them. They have artfully untidy clothes and facial hair. None of them paid to get in, none of them paid for the sugary alcoholic drink in their hands and they certainly wouldn't have asked for a beer especially with the taps covered in tin foil. Is it okay to wear aftershave if you clearly never shave? Maybe but you should definitely dial it down a fraction - my eyes! Yeaahhh, classy. I guess that's what passes for the music press these days.

Pose and preen, we all watch the carefully constructed pop poppet prance with her skintight PVC suited dancers. This is pure display, a show for the media to earn your article. Lips are synced and cameras played to but we're just here to provide some atmosphere. I get a little angry - this feels like a stage managed lie and I don't really like the music that's being used to lie to me.

I look carefully at one of the bar's decorative features in search of some perspective, a birdcage filled with melting church candles, and the context becomes clear. An easily constructed, stylish and safe ornament out of reach of the idiot punters. A hint of fire to catch the eye concealed by bars to prevent any burns. You wouldn't have it in your home but it's not bad on a night out.


Door handles

in: Daylesford VIC, Australia

...on a glass door

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