Heavy Plant

Walk past a "Heavy Plant" warning and wonder vaguely if the trees thought it was for them; if whoever put it up had enough imag...


good 'n' bad in Oz


  • Advert jingles - alive and well and living down-under

  • TV generally - not great but some stunningly awful individual examples.

    'Blue Heelers' - think the bill in small town Australia.

    'Hi 5' imagine Steps (remember them? A sort of pseudo Abba but with boy band types in place of comedy scandiwegian beard wearers) made a kids TV programme. They sing athe theme tune at the end, each presenter has their own dance move. Awful isn't it?

  • Australian sports - Iron man contest? Why not just have a triathlon? Rugby league; 'tis a silly game but not compared to Aussie rules football. This is football?? I can't see a trace of any rules in the game Aussie or otherwise. They call their soccer team 'The Socceroos' which makes me cringe whenever I hear it


  • Food - cheap plentiful and fantastic. Lots of Thai and other Asian flavours.

  • Wildlife - Loads of it. Whales swim past on their migration. Bloody amazing!

  • Weather - The locals are wandering around shivering in long coats. I wear a jumper and laugh at them.

  • Insults - Aussies are good at these. Calling someone a 'slack-arsed tart' works no matter what their gender or sexual orientation.

  • Shop names - I went into a cafe called 'Wok on Inn', I was hoping the food would be crap so I could tell people to wok on by, but it wasn't. I also have to try 'Holy Crepe', I nearly walked in to 'Bush Outfitters' to see what they were about but something stopped me...

More later, run out of credit...

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