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Maroubra beach today

This is a bit of an experiment. I have just shot some video of a small section of the view from our balcony and uploaded it to Google video. This means you can actually see what it's like outside my window today.

Warning the file is nearly 11Mb and it's not very long, I just wanted to see if it worked.


  1. Either it was very dark out there or it doesn't work. How frustrating

  2. Try again - I had one last thing to activate to make it work. It looks like it's coming up now.

  3. Ah, NOW it works. A windy day, or are they all like that in winter? You're not a long way from the beach then. It's almost as good as the view from our widow at home - almost!

  4. ...and believe me, she's a wonderful woman to look out from, our widow.

  5. Dammit, you could at least have told a joke at the end.

  6. Yep it was a pretty breezy day. We're the other side of the road from the beach!

    Now I know that works quite well I will try making a very occasional post that way or trying to capture some bits of Sydney and Oz in general.

    I am also sorting out an audio posting thing too but that may take a bit longer as I don't have the kit I need to do it immediately to hand.