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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cranberry and lychee martini

A quick recipe for a great drink. In your cocktail shaker put:

3 shots of vodka
2 shots white rum
5 very thin slices of the freshest root ginger you can find
4 ice cubes

Then fill the shaker to two thirds to three quarters full with cranberry juice and top off with the syrup from your can of lychees. Shake until very cold. Serve with a slice of ginger and a lychee in the glass. Try not to drink too many, you won't be able to.

Edit, 2 January 2008: having recently discovered lychee liqueur you can amend this recipe and replace one of the shots of vodka with one of the liqueur. this makes the drink slightly less potent so if you're feeling extravagant just add an extra shot of lychee liqueur to this recipe. Also I have found it best to add a few slices of ginger to the shaker.