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Even given the way Sydney likes to do things a little differently I hadn't quite expected to find the simple act of going to the cinema as good as it is at Govinda's

Going to the cinema and dinner are combined in a fantastic quiet night out. For a mere $21 you get an all you can eat Indian buffet with some of the most authentic flavours I've tasted. Admittedly the food is vegetarian - authentic see? - and there is no alchohol on site but if it's a school night it doesn't mattter so much.

It isn't just the food that's good though. The cinema is furnished with long bed like constructions that you lie on to watch the movie. This is absolute bliss and also means that if you've gone to watch a stinker of a film you can just go to sleep! Govindas, as you might suppose, is also an Indian wellness centre offering yoga and vegetarian cooking classes, but this just means the staff are a bit weird and wonderful to look at and if anything adds to the experience.

My business model is clear; copy Govindas but serve meat and alchohol and the world shall be mine (oh, and charge a bit more than $21)!


  1. Bluntly put, you'd make a fucking killing.

  2. OK, so tell me how it's better than watching television or a DVD (undressed, with a good woman in a similar state alongside you of course) in bed while eating a home delivery Indian meal. Seems to me it's just more expensive - and the company may not be as good.

  3. I've got to admit, that's quite a poo-poo...

  4. I don't have to clean up afterwards...er... wait I'll think of something