Heavy Plant

Walk past a "Heavy Plant" warning and wonder vaguely if the trees thought it was for them; if whoever put it up had enough imag...



It seems winter has arrived in Sydney. Last night it rained.

The Sydneysiders have been wearing long coats, fleece tops and gloves for the past 2 weeks. The average daytime temperature has not been below 10 Cesius. I will freely admit that there has been a hint of winter about the mornings recently but it's a basic rule of thumb that if you can't see your breath, you don't need gloves. Winter here is a mindset not a season, and I'm not inclined to think it's Winter just yet.


  1. Where I live, on the other hand, it's summer that's the mindset, not winter. As soon as the sun emerges in, say, March, all the citizens take to the streets in shorts, T-shirts, sandals and not much else - even though the temperature's no much above 10C. Peculiar!

  2. Over in sunny J-pan it's anything but. We are a mere fortnight away from the two month rainy season, then into the truly unique Japanese summer...the key word here is humid.

  3. Dad - the 'borough fans must be right at home! I've never seen people dress in so little as norhterners out on the town in the middle of winter.

    Chris - as I remember summer brought you out in hives. Humid though is bad. We had a few days here where it was 40C+ and upwards of 80% humidity. Air conditioning becomes an essential on days like that.