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The C word

Okay there's a month to go you are now allowed to use the 'C' word. No not that one, Christmas!

The Christmas trees have magically appeared in the AMP building and are tastefully decked out company livery. Navy blue baubles, lovely. I have to admit I am having trouble taking Christmas seriously over here. Decorations seem a little silly when it 's warm outside. Being colonised from the Northern Hemisphere there is still a British feel to the decorations; there's things like plastic holly included in them which looks badly out of place, not to mention the occasional snowflake motif which is so ridiculous you actually do a double take when you walk past it.

There are definite advantages to being in Sydney for Christmas: the food, the weather, the food, then there's the weather to think of. Christmas dinner this year will be taken on the balcony overlooking the beach (or actually on the beach). Prepare for a jealousy inducing photo-fest.

My commiserations to the American in Lynn, Masachusetts that found the Christmas post. Clearly preparing for big Thanksgiving weekend they were trying to find out how long you have to cook a 24lb stuffed turkey, to which there is only one answer: you need to have started already!

I suppose I'd better do some work. Boring.


  1. I've just re-read your other Christmas post - I pity that poor American woman who found it while looking for turkey recipes; it must have bee a bit of a shock for the poor woman.

    Until I first read that piece a year ago (or whenever), I'd always assumed that it was ME who didn't like Christmas, and that you quite did. Had I known earlier that you'd rather have spent the time locked in the loo, it would have simplified things a lot; I could have thrown you in there along with the cats for the week and saved on someof the aggravation (cooking, trying to erect trees, etc.)

    So bah, humbug, happy Xmas Mr Scrooge; hope you get sunburned. (The fact that it's snowing here right now and a drum band has just marched paqst the house in the slush may have something to do with this [purely temporary] outbreak of bile.)

  2. and Merry Christmas you miserable bastard. I`m going back to Bolton to get some snow.

  3. Jesus, that's a long way to go for a bit of snow. Why don't you simply climb Mt Fuji or something? And BOLTON? Clearly there's more to this than meets the eye?

  4. Got to agree there, Bolton, even if it is your home town, seems like a very long way to get some snow when you have so many mountains on your doorstep.

    You'll have to come up with a better excuse than that!

  5. ...and I do quite like Christmas really. Just not those parts of it that involve everyone else's expectations, Christianity or Slade.

  6. OK...I`m going back to Bolton to see my mum, drink some ALE & eat a baked potato, maybe some fish & chips to boot.