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Phone indecision

My phone, which has served me well enough for about 3 years, is starting to show it's age along with a few battle scars from too many long drops onto hard surfaces. Essentially I am rationalising the profound urge to buy a shiny new toy.

The shiny new toy in question might well have to be an iPhone but there's another contender the HTC magic which is nearly as sleek and beautiful in design and comes with the added bonus of being much easier to connect with all the Google services I use constantly. However my spies tell me that the new iPhone coming out next month will actually replace sliced bread in the most hackneyed of cliches.

Hmm, this is a wait and see moment but I really don't want to have to wait longer than I absolutely have to. Documented below, and largely to get them out of my head are my reasons for each one:

HTC Magic
  • Oooh shiny
  • Google services very easily
  • Open source software means better long term techno hippy smugness
  • Touch screen
  • Oooooooooh shinier
  • There's an app for that
  • Multi touch screen
  • iTunes etc.
  • Every other bastard has one and I want in even if they are over-designed toys for posers

By the way, yes I do know that all you use your phone for is sending text messages and phoning people and that this makes you happy enough. I don't care gimmethtoygimmethetoygimmethetoygimmethetoygimmethetoygimmethetoygimmethetoygimmethetoygimmethetoy!


  1. Bugger, and there was me going to make some comment about what a phone's for. Does this mean that someone else (maybe EM) sees the world my way, or was that aimed at me?

  2. Em is as bad as me on this.

    The comment is aimed at anyone who isn't a gadget hungry techno-ponce like me!