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Monday, September 03, 2007

Harbour Traffic

in: Balmain East NSW, Australia

Harbour 2

There's a huge amount of harbour traffic today. I presume everyone's trying to get in or out of port before APEC.

There's a huge amount of police launches patrolling out there too.


  1. Pirates. They're looking for pirates, not terrorists. But whatever they are, thingy...you know, ugly looking man with an ugly temper, the prime minister there whatever his name is...would CALL them terrorists out of solidarity with his mate GWB, who sees them wherever he goes.

  2. Hellfire, they'll be at that for a while; there's plenty o'them, yarr.

    John Hunt, that's his name. According to a popular t-shirt/bumper sticker he's a coward.

    GWB landing in Sydney in a few hours, and Putin later this week. I would like to emphasize at this point just how law abiding I am and that my explosives license is entirely fictional. My high powered snipers rifle and and urban camoflage are also make believe and I do not live conveniently close to the airport/motorcade route, at all, despite any jokes I may have made to the contrary.

  3. "John Hunt, that's his name. According to a popular t-shirt/bumper sticker he's a coward."

    Clearly whoever wrote that has no sense of rhyme. I can think of a much better insult!

  4. I know, you'd think they'd have thought of that wouldn't you.