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Saturday, March 31, 2007


This could turn into one of those annoying memes that people use on their blogs but I'm going to do it anyway; you know you've had a busy month when:
  • You've used up half a box of business cards
  • You look at things that would normally scare you with their urgency and decide that they aren't that bad really
  • A full day of tasks is addded to your diary for the week and you think, "ah, oh well no one else can do it..."
  • You are clipping things out of the Sunday paper to go into your presentations
  • You wake up on a Saturday thinking, "I should probably have delegated that to someone else..."
It's time for a holiday and me & the Mrs are off to WA to see Ningaloo reef, the Margaret River, Rottnest Island and Perth. Naturally because we both need a nice relaxing holiday we are trying to do as much as possible. This will include snorkelling with whale sharks, which might be a little intimidating. I'm taking the mobile with me so there will be occasional picture posts on here, though I'm not sure how well it will do underwater...


  1. I have an additional item for the list:

    You go to see your manager about your performance review and take a botttle of beer for you both!

  2. Have a good holiday. They look to be remarkable places.