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Thursday night out

Last night we went to Cherijam to watch our friend Ephrem perform. The video clip you can see here is of his second song of the night. The man has a great voice and a terrific stage presence – bastard.

Now lean in and grin like a drunken fool...perfect!
Ephrem was one of a selection of performers on that night all of whom were pretty good. The night itself was organised by Sally who I did take a picture of which was hastily deleted at the subject’s request – she will not be appearing in this post. I also have a fantastic one of Emily which will not be published here without her permission.

The best seat in the house was claimed early on

Cherijam is a great venue with two extremely well decked out bars above what looks to be a great restaurant. We ate in the bar upstairs – good pizza, nice wine - I feel a bit the worse for wear today, again.


  1. Black & white photos because they were coming out better in low light - also just about anything looks good in Black & White

  2. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening, I think, even if someone WAS waving a fancy telephone round the room all the time. Quite an accomplished instrument, that phone (I presume it WAS the phone you used).

  3. It was indeed the phone. It's one of the better toys I've bought myself!

    I was actually trying to keep tarting about with the phone to a minimum, but then I bought another bottle of wine...

    [Internet Explorer seems to be having some problems showing the text in the first part of the post - other browsers don't seem to have this problem]

  4. Yes, a certain someone is getting a little camera happy. I fear the novelty factor may take some time to wear off with this new toy.